Typography – Бизнес Партнер


We offer the print of any complexity:
• Offset and digital printing;
• Large-format printing;
• Silkscreen;
• Stamping;
• Varnishing;
• Die-cutting;
• And any kinds of printing

We strongly believe the quality of printed matters depends directly on the equipment and high-level professionalism. We work on new machines and use only high-quality ink. Our Print-workers are trained of machine-settings in order to provide full colour transfer from the layout.

We quickly make any promotional materials despite of the volume and complexity of the work.
We produce:
• Leaflets, flyers, booklets, pamphlets
• Maps, magazines;
• Price-lists, wobblers , price tags and shelf talkers;
• Presentations, visiting cards and stickers ;
• Broadsheets, billposters, photo wallpaper and pictures;
• Post cards, invitations and menu;
• Calendars — loose-leaf, quarterly, pocket, desk;
• Tickets and blankets;
• Diplomas, certificates
• Pocketbooks, catalogues
• Stickers— any colors, sizes and purposes.

Our works: